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Hello, I am Lindsay, a marketing professional based in Calgary, AB, specializing in brand and strategic marketing. I love all things food, exploring and well coordinated marketing campaigns.

"Dare to Explore. Dare to Dream. Dare to Discover. Dare to break the rules."
- Oksana Rus

Thanks to the ever-lasting need to explore, not only the world but additional skills and challenges, I have had the opportunity to travel and work within different markets and industries. It is this desire for the exploration of knowledge and quest to improve and learn new skills, both professionally and personally, that drives me.

I have been lucky enough to have gone through two brand repositioning projects – of which the most recent has lead to increased awareness and consideration of the brand among its target consumer. This taught me that the strength of strong and thoughtful branding, starts with basing your strategy on consumer insights and understanding your target consumer needs. It is thanks to this, a thoughtful positioning, clear creative and continuously adapting based on learnings from past campaigns, that the brand was recently named #1 among fashion retailers in Brand Health. All from a positioning less than a year old.

I love food, cooking and trying new things. Growing up with parents who had gourmet cooking as a hobby, they taught me from a young age to always analyze and improve on any recipe – something that has become engrained in my work ethic and that I now bring to my work. Just because something is good, doesn’t mean it can’t be better.

Nevertheless, I continue to share my recipes-du-jour on my website (and daily food diary on Instagram), hoping to inspire people’s love of cooking, and make it a little less hard for them to enjoy delicious food. 

As I mentioned, I love to travel and am a complete shutter bug. The world is such an interesting place, that I cannot help myself in documenting all of the beauty I see around me. Not only does this make great art for my home, but fills my photo books and walls with all the memories that I have seen. If you want to view some of my photos you can find them on View Bug or Instagram.

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