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Travel & Photography

The world is such an amazing place, it is shame to not explore it. I have been lucky enough to travel to over 20 countries, meet countless wonderful people from around the world and photograph the memories along the way. The world is rich with diversity of people, perspectives and landscapes – and travel can only enrich our knowledge and lives.


Having a hobby of photography for a number of years, it has been something that has been beneficial in my professional life and allowed me to dive deeper into creative with our agencies. It has also allowed me to capture memories on our travels, the behind the scenes of our campaign shoots and develop my food photography skills for my food blog. Below is a sprinkling of these works.

Behind the Scenes

Throughout my years being on set for campaigns, I have captured the behind the scenes of the shoots. I showcase some of this photography in my office as a reminder to our teams of not only the past campaigns, but also of the communities our brands serve far and wide. It serves as an aesthetic reminder of the far reach of our brand and the places we touch with our marketing.

Traveling the World

I have been lucky enough to travel the world. From the South Pacific and Australasia, to Europe and the Caribbean. Seeing such a diverse range of countries, it gives perspective to the vastness and variety of people and landscapes that there are. I love getting to meet the locals along the way, learning about their cultures and exploring the places they call home – it not only feeds my love of exploring, but adds to my passion for hearing and seeing diverse stories in our marketing. Currently, I have traveled to 22 countries and 7 provinces, with many more to come. You can find more of my daily photography via my Instagram.

Wine, Food & Friends

10 years ago I started Wine, Food & Friends – a food blog with easy gourmet recipes that is no fuss and made for those with busy lives who want to eat well. I honed my photography skills into learning the art of food photography, but without the side of staging – all that you see is what I eat. I have built a community on Instagram, and am slowly learning the ways of TikTok, sharing my daily meals and over 200 easy recipes that I have created. I have also partnered with local wineries, breweries, butchers and grocers to create recipes, pairings and do product photography. Being a person who lives to eat, food has always been a passion of mine and I love sharing this passion with others, inspiring everyone to experiment in their own kitchen.

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